Small engine test facility.

Point85 has an engine test facility designed for testing small engines.

With two engine test cells complete with dynamometers, datalogging equipment and emissions analyzers Point85 is able to undertake engine test, and calibration work.

With a Waterbrake dynamometer suitable for up to 30HP, another suitable to 6HP, and an Eddy current dyno designed for under 10HP we are well suited for small engine development work.

Point85 can also provide motorcyle dyno services with the use of its Rotronics Mototscan II dynamometer. Coupled with an emissions analyzer this dyno is suitable for power runs, engine calibration or emissions drive cycle testing. This dynamometer can absorb as well as motor ensuring all points of engine calibration are covered.

Large Engine Test Facility

Point85 also has test facilities for large automotive engines. With a waterbrake engine dynamometer suitable for 300HP and a 2WD car chassis dynamometer suitable for 250HP Point85 specialises in race engine setup and calibration.